Mayor de Lille Reaches Agreement with DA

In a media statement, Cape Town Mayor, Patricia de Lille stated that she had reached an agreement on the way forward.

The DA had planned on tabling a motion of no confidence against Mayor de Lille today, but had dropped it after reaching the agreement.

The DA had agreed to have a disciplinary in August against the Mayor which will be open to the media, a request that she had been making for months.

It is not clear what the charges against the mayor will be since the DA had admitted that they have no evidence against the Mayor.

The DA stated that the disciplinary will use findings by Bowman’s Law Firm, although these findings have been shown to be unreliable and lacking in evidence.

It is speculated that the attempts by the DA to have Mayor de Lille removed is related to her opposition to the financially disastrous plans to build desalination plants.

The recent desalination plant, which was officially opened by Deputy Mayor, Ian Neilson, cost R250 million to build and had almost no impact on the city’s water supply.

It was also suggested that the DA wants to shelve low cost housing that would give more people from the Cape Flats access to the city’s CBD.

Neilson recently attacked the mayor for wanting build low cost housing in the city and spearheaded the drive to have the project cancelled.

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